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Gastro-tourism does not require preparation and is accessible to everyone. The kitchen allows you to immerse yourself in the history and traditions of the country, better understand its inhabitants and find out what factors influenced the formation of the unique features of the region.




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The field of gastronomic tourism In Russia is growing faster than any other tourist destination.

What to see in St. Petersburg?

To the great surprise of most tourists, St. Petersburg is not only the cultural capital of our country, but also one of the top 10 cities popular for gastronomic travel.

It turns out that this city and even the country can be found through the local gastronomy and cuisine.

Food market

As a must-see destination, we offer the Forge Market.

  • it is an architectural monument

The project was developed in the period 1922-1925, and the construction of the building was completed by 1927.

The ground floor of the blacksmith market is arranged in the form of wide glazed arcades with columns. The central entrance is highlighted by a large arch with four rusticated columns. On the sides of the figure of a worker and a peasant (sculptor V. F. Razumovsky). Above the main entrance is the clock tower.

Inside the building in the ceiling of the central part is a lantern. He is the hero of a huge number of photos of tourists.

In the decoration of the facades of the building used stone.

  • located in the city center

Finding a blacksmith market is not difficult. It is located on Kuznechny Lane right near the Vladimirskaya metro station.

This place is one of the most visited by tourists, because near the market there is a museum of FM. Dostoevsky. This Russian writer is very popular both in Russia and abroad.

In addition, in close proximity to the blacksmith's market is the Vladimirsky Cathedral. Near the square is a famous tourist spot, called the residents of the city "Five Corners". From here, the main restaurant street of the city, Rubinstein Street, originates.

  • here are the freshest and farm products

All products are not only very tasty, but also high quality. Without a veterinary certificate, trading on the market is impossible.

However, it is interesting that its laboratory takes a sample of the entire product range for analysis and only if all checks are successfully passed, it allows for trade.

What should we buy here

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables consistently pass quality control. At any time of the year, here you will find both traditional vegetables and fruits for Russia, as well as various exotic products. Most of the fruits and vegetables produced by local farms and, indeed, are considered to be clean from various harmful substances.

Our surrogates

Milk products

taxes on dairy products presented on the Blacksmith market are simply not available in the shops of the city. Everything is produced in private farms in limited quantities.

Whipped sour cream, curd mass and pasteurized milk - this is what can be found on the shop window. Everything is reworked by technology, bypassing the warmth of the hard-working hands of the Russian hostess.

The meat

The meat presented at the Forge is always fresh or chilled. Acquired from small farms and private farms in the Leningrad region. It has a veterinary stamp of quality from the place of slaughter and undergoes laboratory testing on the market itself. Of course, the cost of such meat is much higher than in the store, but its quality is worth it.

Here you can buy beef, pork, veal, lamb, rabbit, meat and eggs of various poultry.


Here you can find real spices at competitive prices. Since the turnover of spices in the market is higher, the stocks of spices are replenished more often - respectively, and the quality of spices is higher than, for example, in a store.

If you manage to find a really good product, you can meet the seller and become a regular and beloved customer.


Dried fruits

ou are already taking the first steps towards improving your health, because you are interested in dried fruit, then come to us !!!

The variety of dried fruits on the Blacksmith market will surprise even the most sophisticated gourmet. The use of dried fruits has a beneficial effect on the work of many organs and body systems. We officially declare that the dried fruits sold by us are completely safe for the health of consumers.

In the malls you will find a wide range of the most useful products without the use of dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers and artificial flavors.


Souvenir shop

Everyone loves to get little gifts.

Your friends and family will not forgive you if you do not bring a small reminder of your journey. Look for souvenirs where they will be unique, unusual and their purchase will be a memorable action, and not fussy running around in front of the plane.

Do not pass by our souvenir shop! Here you will find something that will delight your loved ones.



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