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"The one who wants to be healthy, in part, is already recovering."
Giovanni Boccaccio

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Treatment abroad

Medical tourism has become widely available: every year, tourists travel abroad for medical purposes.

We take care of our customers and step by step we control all trips, as well as:

  • send medical records and medical records of the client to leading foreign clinics
  • organize online client consultations with a wellness center
  • choose the best clinic or center to organize treatment
  • We will coordinate the full range of medical services throughout your stay abroad
  • We will involve a medical attendant and translator for the entire trip.


Health is the most valuable thing we possess. And even if it seems that “everything is as always”, and nothing much happens to the body, it is better to check it ─ according to plan or spontaneously. Modern trends in medicine now allow you to do this as part of a short tourist visit.

What gives check up?

  • necessary update of the clinical picture since the last examination
  • identification of risk factors for the development of chronic diseases (primary prevention)
  • detection of symptoms of latent disease (secondary prevention)


SPA procedures are aimed at improving and relaxing the whole organism.


  • intensify metabolic processes,
  • improve blood circulation
  • remove toxins from the body and improve overall health.
  • make the skin unusually soft and elastic, saturate it with vital energy.
  • help in the period of usual post-traumatic rehabilitation.

The complex of procedures gives its full effect only in special centers at sea resorts or resorts with mineral waters.

Pools with a full range of hydro-massage procedures, saunas, baths and a jacuzzi, superbly equipped gyms are essential attributes of any SPA-hotel. This ensures a comprehensive and individual approach to each guest.

About us

For health and rest - to us!

We are glad to offer our customers:

  • General body strengthening
  • Medical rest
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Relaxation
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Unique treatments in Switzerland
  • Injections of anti-aging cocktails

We are ready to answer your questions and assist in organizing a trip around the clock!

  • We organize a trip from A to Z.
  • We arrange all the documents required for an individual online tour! Now you do not need to come to the travel agency and spend personal time.
  • If necessary, book a table with an individual diet menu.
  • Solve problems before they occur.

For us, your comfort and convenience come first. That is why we are constantly working on new services to make the selection and purchase of the tour as clear and easy for you as possible, occupying a minimum of time and effort.

The Academy of Tourism will take care of all issues, so that nothing distracts you from full recovery and rest.

They trust us for more than 16 years!

Thanks to the professionalism of our specialists and personal responsibility for each traveler, more than 80% of tourists become our regular customers.

We organize your holiday in any corner of the planet!

The Academy of Tourism officially cooperates with best foreign clinics, such as:

  • Assuta in Tel Aviv
  • Samsung in south korea
  • Ichilov in Tel Aviv
  • Zurich State Hospital

We organize excursions and leisure in free from treatment time.

Opportunity to save more than 20% on agent services


  • with clinics
  • spa complexes
  • host companies abroad



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Our client service is more than happy to answer Your questions!

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Our client service is more than happy to answer Your questions!

To contact us choose one of the icons from above.