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A place for visitors who would like to find all the information about furnishing a new home and modernizing an existing one. All a visitor needs from one place- news about materials, new decorating trends, modern designs etc.

We welcome all companies wishing to display their textile, luminaire and furniture selections. Also those providing advice on cleaning, recycling and making homes cozier. It takes a lot of time and effort to buy a house and to find ideas on refreshing an old one as there are so many different trends and visions. It is easy to lose one’s direction going through all that information.

Here is where You as an exponent can help out! Display Your products and services in a way that a visitor will get a great and logical overview and also a feeling of recognition- “That’s exactly what I have been looking for!” As people often use online environment to get help and ideas (Pinterest, Instagram, Google image search etc) it is a very known and easily accessible method. Entering our Stylish Home Hall every homeowner can be sure that satisfactory answers can be found easily and fast without leaving their seats. No need to take hours to go through static images online.

They can be sure that when finding an interesting solution there is a specialist on the other side of the screen who is ready and open for an active communication. Here is where You as an exponent can give advice and help visitors to make purchase decisions.

We also welcome all visitors who would like to keep themselves updated about nowadays furnishing and material trends. If You represent a company that would be perfect for our Stylish Home Hall then think no more and book Your exhibition area in our virtual hall through the form found at the bottom! Let us create a place for visitors where they can find and compare all the information about furnishing and maintenance easily and fast without leaving their home.

See You in the Interior Hall!


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Narva mnt 36, Tallinn, Estonia


Our client service is more than happy to answer Your questions!

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