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HomeExpo 2018 "Spring"

A Home is not just four walls and a roof- it is the place to charge batteries and to think bright thoughts. HomeExpo 2018 is an international online exhibition organized by OnlineExpo and taking place in a virtual Expo hall. It is a unique environment where we connect the experts of different fields and visitors looking for maximum quality. HomeExpo 2018 can be divided into four seasons- every season has its' own characteristics and constantly updated exhibits. ​

You are always welcomed back as a visitor or as an exponent! No more standing in long queues, big crowds or missing out on interesting things! All You need is a computer or any smart device connected to internet. You choose when and where it is best for You to visit the Expo. Also, it is FREE!

A great opportunity for business owners to get to even more potential clients with less time and money. No need to worry about exhibition area design, employees’ travel expenses etc. Instead You can concentrate to the most important- how to reach to the best target group needing Your products and services with the right messages and offers.Our advice is to rely on Your professional knowledge and educate Your visitors giving them an overview about the best solutions and trends.

As a visitor You will find inspiring ideas, fresh views on interior and exterior design and useful tips. As a business owner You will have a great chance to find new business partners and resellers. Also, there are no country borders for online Expos! Using the right messages and taking time in creating great exhibitions You have the chance to find useful contacts in Estonia and all over the world!

Attention business owners! Among all the companies who took interest in our HomeExpo 2018 event we will have a draw for FREE 3 month premium package.

See You at HomeExpo 2018!






Expo Favorites


Gardening Hall

A meeting place for all green thumbs, beauty loving home owners and companies who offereverything connected to gardening and beyond. All garden friendly visitors are welcomed. Does not matter whether You already are a homeowner or are searching for one and just looking into the newest gardening trends. This hall can also be useful for visitors who are looking for different tools for garden design and maintenance. Also apartment associations and companies who are responsible for creating beauty in different surroundings.

Visitors will find...

Small houses

Cube House

Cube House OÜ is a modular and elemental manufactuer company with a range of elegantly designed modern small houses, saunas, outdoor kitchens and offices, and more. Our advantage is more than 20 years of experience in the construction sector, with the readyness to offer tailor made solutions as a package - from Idea to Keys in hand!
All of our...

Real Estate Hall

Real Estate Village is a place where a potential homeowner can find everything needed for a new property. You can also find all the latest real estate offers and ways to get finance for a new property and furnishing.

As a real estate agent You have probably been in a situation where an active client wants to have more detailed information than just an advertisement among all the others on Your company’s homepage or in a sales portal. Besides selling or rent price they are also interested in additional fees like broker’s commission,...

Compensa Home Insurance

Home is more than just bricks, glass, doors and windows. Home is also the Singer Sewing Machine inherited from your grandparents, your first couch and children's hand-made birthday presents. If something happens to your home, next to the loss of memories and sentimental objects is the financial burden and stress. Therefore, Compensa is committed...

Interior Hall

A place for visitors who would like to find all the information about furnishing a new home and modernizing an existing one. All a visitor needs from one place- news about materials, new decorating trends, modern designs etc.

We welcome all companies wishing to display their textile, luminaire and furniture selections. Also those providing advice on cleaning, recycling and making homes cozier. It takes a lot of time and effort to buy a house and to find ideas on refreshing an old one as there are so many different trends and visions. It is...

Interior Textiles


Traageldaja OÜ was established in 1994 by an Estonian company. We have long experience in sewing curtains, mattress covers, bed linen, bedspreads, tablecloths and other interior textiles. We have manufactured products for hotels, restaurants, ships, caterers and designers in Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

Our production is located in Türi...

Smart Home Hall

A gathering place for companies who offer products and services connected to home electronics. We also welcome all visitors may they be looking for a new fridge, need help with mobile phone repairs or are lacking a TV wall mount. Also visitors who are interested in the latest electronic solutions which help us make our everyday lives even more comfortable, pleasant and modern.

Visitors in this hall can be sure that they will find all the most useful, up to date and best solutions for they homes. What can be more pleasant than browsing...

Electronics for home and office

Building Hall

Home and Construction Hall is meant for all visitors thinking about designing, planning or building a new house, apartment or cottage. Also everything to do with moving, repair work and renovating. Visitors will get advice also on property management and maintenance. Also a fast and good overview about nowadays house designs, what to know when building or designing a new house and how to find the perfect construction company. But this area is not only about designing a home from plot to a house. We also welcome all visitors who have...

Talot AS

AS Talot on 25 aasta pikkuse kogemusega ehitusmaterjalitootja, kes pakub teile parimat valikut betoontooteid - nii kaubabetooni, seinaelemente, vahelaepaneele, erinevaid betoonblokke ja tänavakive. Seda nii väikeelamute kui ka suurte tootmishoonete ehitajatele.

Meie tooted on kvaliteetsed, tarnime need õigel ajal ja soodsa hinnaga. Oleme...

Kids and Family Hall

This hall is meant for companies who provide products and services to make families’ everyday lives easier. All the companies taking part are in family and child care business and are represented with their advice, support and guidance. Here You will find everything to do with helping families ease and improve their everyday life. May it be smart toys, advice for dental hygiene, coping with allergies etc.

With entering this hall You can surely find fast all the answers without leaving Your seat at home. Online browsing will help You to...


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