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Prisma Real Estate has been operating since 1995. We have developed a number of apartment buildings in the center of Tallinn, Lasnamäe, Kalamaja, Nõmme and elsewhere. We have a story about historical architecture and we recognize the details of the historical value of buildings. We adhere to the region's milieu-rich background in order to ensure continuity and bring the values ​​of past times to today's quality.




Meresalu real estate

Meresalu land plots are located at the distance of a 40-minute drive by car from Tallinn. The closest centre is Paldiski, which offers all services necessary for living: schools, kindergartens, sports centre, interests centre, centre of doctors-specialists and shopping centre. Paldiski is a promising town, which is well equipped with workplaces. Transport connection is provided by fixed route taxi, bus and electric train. It is possible to reach more distant countries across the sea via the Harbour of Paldiski. It is possible to reach Laulasmaa SPA or Pirita in 20 minutes across the gulf by a motor boat. There are nice beach places of Kersalu and Kloogaranna nearby.

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