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Adduco has been operating since 2006, while our project managers and moving specialists have been working in this field for even longer. We have plenty of experience with small- and large-scale moving work in Estonia and beyond our borders, as well as moving work with special requirements. Both private and business customers are welcome. You can entrust the moving of your most valuable art collection to us, because we insure all of our moving services in order to ensure maximum safety.






Moving Services

В ходе услуг переезда желаемые вещи перевозятся из пункта A в пункт B. Основной деятельностью Adduco является оказание комплексных услуг переезда, которые включают в себя упаковывание вещей, специальное поднимание (например, перевозка фортепиано), транспортировку, складирование, сборку и разборку мебели и её установку. Мы работаем по всей Эстонии и готовы также к зарубежным командировкам, при этом мы имеем продолжительный опыт в оказании международных услуг переезда.

International Moving Service

In order to provide the most effective service, our international moving service is carried out in cooperation with various partners all over the world. In order to transport items, we use land, air, sea and rail transport. The international moving service is designed for both private and business customers. It doesn't matter where in Estonia you live before moving out – we can move you from any corner of the country to any other populated part of the world. We can also move you home from abroad.

Before starting on an international move, we will handle the necessary documentation, including insurance.

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Warehousing is a service that includes transportation, packing and long- or short-term storage of items. We offer warehousing services to both private and business customers.

You may need warehousing if you temporarily move abroad, want to store your company's items or for other reasons. Based on our customers' needs, we store items to be moved (furniture, technology, clothes and books), seasonal items (tyres, sports items and clothes) and goods for distribution.

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+372 682 7727

Leiva 3, 12915, Tallinn

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