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As a modern and progressive company, we believe that the best ideas can come from anyone, anywhere - and everyone can make a difference. This belief and outlook is nurtured by our leadership philosophy. We work closely with our leaders to cultivate and reinforce the right leadership 'role model' behaviours - exploring topics such as 'unconscious bias' and equipping our leaders with the skills and support to energize their teams to give their best

For our part, it’s our promise to deliver brilliant employee experiences as a new, combined company, where our extraordinary talents are given the right environment and are empowered to thrive.
In Estonia we have a Common Shared Service Center, which serves the Northern European Power Grids locations and projects sites with services in the Human Resources, Finance and Supply Chain Management. In Jüri, we offer internships for Engineering students to work with our experienced Electrical Engineers and Project Managers.

What we offer:

  • An international work environment and remote working opportunities
  • Various trainings supporting employee development on a local and global level
  • A diverse experience and interesting tasks
  • Paid internship for a minimum of 5 months
  • An opportunity to continue your career at Hitachi ABB Power Grids for interns
  • Sport compensation and employee events, birthday gifts, various other benefits
  • Actual tasks and work experience during internship, not only observing or administrative tasks

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Hitachi ABB Power Grids

More about Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Hitachi ABB Power Grids is a pioneering technology leader.

We are contributing pioneering solutions that are making the world’s power grids stronger, smarter and greener. The result is grids that are more reliable, intelligent and focused on a sustainable energy future for all. Through Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ advanced portfolio of sustainable, digital energy solutions, we will create even more value for customers spanning the energy (utilities) and industry sectors, to mobility, IT and Life (Cities) sectors.

At Hitachi ABB Power Grids we are committed to solving some of the biggest global challenges of our time.
We transfer the power of the world’s largest wind farms, bring energy to mass transportation systems, and protect our biggest cities from blackouts. This is made possible by our exceptional talent who embrace and live by a powerful equation:

Diversity + Collaboration = Great Innovation

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Seminarid ja töötoad

Virtuaalne töö- ja karjäärimessi videoülekannete ja seminaride saal. Nagu ka varasemalt on esindatud rohkelt arvamusliidreid ja huvitavaid esinejaid. 

3.-4. märtsil toimuvad informatiivsed ning kaasahaaravad seminarid, mis on korraldatud messil osalevate ettevõtete poolt. 

Leia tänu karjääriüritusele enda uus töö- või praktikakoht just Eesti suurimate ettevõtete ridades!

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Tutvu tööandjatega

Siin saalis on sul võimalus tutvuda kõikide tööandjatega, kes on Võti Tulevikku ürituse raames omale hetkel värsket tööjõudu otsimas. Lisaks tööpakkumistele on võimalik tutvuda ka tööandjate praktikavõimalustega. Olles suhelnud paljude tööandjatega võime saladuskatte all öelda, et paljud tööandjad on valmis peale tulemusliku praktika läbimist üliõpilastega ka töösuhte looma! Mis oleks...

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