A great place to work

At Helmes you will find entrepreneurial and caring colleagues, and possibly friends for life! We give our best to achieve top results while keeping the client and the end-user in mind and supporting each other within the team. Often our people enjoy each other’s company also after business hours, and spend time together for sporting or going out.

When joining Helmes you will get a supportive mentor from the team and a personal development plan for growth. In the team you will have a lot of freedom as our teams act like small start-ups under a strong and successful Helmes company. Therefore we truly value entrepreneurial mindset.

In Helmes you will find a lot of active and sporty people – we attend many sports events together and organize new skill learnings – e.g. for skiing, running, beach volleyball etc. Helmes also supports health and sports activities – we have health insurance and sports benefits for all our employees.

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Get in touch TODAY!

Our lovely Helmes HR girls Anni, Mariana and Laura will be online for you on Tuesday from 10am to 3pm to give you all the inside scoop of Helmes life - e.g. mentoring and professional growth in Helmes, fun events we have had, tell you about our offices in Tartu and Tallinn, different projects and clients etc. :)

Anni Paumees 

"I know everything about the life of PHP Developers and Testers in Helmes"


Laura Paurson 

"I know everything about the life of Java and .NET developers and Tech Support Coordinators in Helmes"


Mariana Mutso 

"I know everything about the life of Analysts and Team Leaders in Helmes"


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Our culture

In Helmes, we have a culture of trust, that is very inspiring for employees with an entrepreneurial mindset. We give employees great freedom and the responsibility to contribute to the company and make decisions in their competence field, so they can thrive professionally. We value learning and accept failures, there is even internal event series where we share our failures and learning points.

There are many areas where our people are supported and cared for. Every new employee will get a personal mentor from the team, so that the onboarding would be extra smooth. We are starting with a new coaching program to support your professional personal growth, in addition to each employee´s personal development plan. We highly value physical and mental health so there are various programs and seminars organized on these topics throughout the year. 

We put high priority on finding the best match when recruiting people. We are looking for not only capable specialists in our team, but also personalities that fit Helmes' values and culture. We consider it important that every person in Helmes carries all our core values - caring, courage and result-orientation. Building Helmes' teams does not only depend on the necessary roles and skills required for the job, but a prerequisite for good teamwork is a good work climate, which is ensured by mutually respectful colleagues. Colleagues who can value each other both as a professional and as a person. Therefore, Helmes is a great place to work! 

About us

In 30 years, we have grown from an Estonian company to a global company with more than 1,000 employees. Our focus is on providing best business critical software solutions to our clients here in Estonia and abroad, for both private and public sector.

We have created a value-based culture, where values are expressed in everything we do, both as an employer and as a customer partner. We want to be a supportive and developing ecosystem for our employees that is humanly caring and professionally inspiring. One of our most important visions for the future is to be the most recognized professional development supporter on the market for the best software experts.

Life at Helmes

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Seminarid ja töötoad

Virtuaalne töö- ja karjäärimessi videoülekannete ja seminaride saal. Nagu ka varasemalt on esindatud rohkelt arvamusliidreid ja huvitavaid esinejaid. 

3.-4. märtsil toimuvad informatiivsed ning kaasahaaravad seminarid, mis on korraldatud messil osalevate ettevõtete poolt. 

Leia tänu karjääriüritusele enda uus töö- või praktikakoht just Eesti suurimate ettevõtete ridades!

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Siin saalis on sul võimalus tutvuda kõikide tööandjatega, kes on Võti Tulevikku ürituse raames omale hetkel värsket tööjõudu otsimas. Lisaks tööpakkumistele on võimalik tutvuda ka tööandjate praktikavõimalustega. Olles suhelnud paljude tööandjatega võime saladuskatte all öelda, et paljud tööandjad on valmis peale tulemusliku praktika läbimist üliõpilastega ka töösuhte looma! Mis oleks...

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