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This year Luminor Group will be inviting students to join summer internship program called - JUNGLE. This is a paid internship and students from different fields are welcomed to join the program. It is a great opportunity to gain work experience, learn more about banking and financial industry and also build your professional network.
We are looking for students and recent graduates: Finance, Technology, Data analysts/engineers/scientists, Legal, Analysts
We would love to give you more information about this opportunity - join us for a talk and learn more how you can become a part of Luminor jungle!

Leave us your contacts and we will get in touch with you!

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Meet our luminor people

Meet Luminor people:

  • 10:00 – 13:00 – Meet Ruta Marcinkeviciute, Talent Sourcing Specialist (HR) Click here to join the meeting
  • 12:00 – 13:00 – Meet Kevin Veltri, he is a former Intern and now is working at Luminor as full-time employee! He will share his experience and how Jungle program helped him to land a job at Luminor. Click here to join the meeting
  • 13:00 – 15:00 – Meet Kaia Tara, she is an Alumna of Tallinn University of Technology and currently working as People Partner at Luminor Group! She is happy to consult you on internship and employment opportunities at Luminor, and share her own experience (HR) Click here to join the meeting
  • 15:00 – 16:00 – Meet Ruta Marcinkeviciute, Talent Sourcing Specialist (HR) Click here to join the meeting




Life at Luminor

Luminor’s brand value lies in its deep relationship with its customers and services. We believe that the modern world we live and work in, we can establish a strong and customer focused culture based on our core values: Curiosity, Collaboration and Focus

Why Luminor:

  • Dynamic and International working environment that is filled with interesting challenges and opportunities as we build and innovate a new bank together
  • Varied opportunities to support your professional and personal development and growth
  • A competitive benefits package in addition to your salary
  • An additional benefits package for employees after 1 year in the company, which includes additional days of vacation
  • A collaborative and supportive team where you can create and implement ideas



If you are looking for a full-time job, check our vacancies on 
Join us and become our newest team member making the change and advancing the world of banking!

Join us!

About Luminor

In times when the only constant thing is change, Luminor was established. A contemporary, new-generation bank and financial services provider in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with a local understanding of its home markets and customer needs.

Built on the extensive experience of the two leading Nordic banks and a corporate partnership with a global investment firm - Blackstone, Luminor is the third-largest financial services provider in the Baltic region. 
Being a Baltic company also brings the richness and cultural diversity that international organizations can offer. Luminor builds its operating model in a way which supports regional scale, business development and efficiency but also high local relevance and customer intimacy.

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Seminarid ja töötoad

Virtuaalne töö- ja karjäärimessi videoülekannete ja seminaride saal. Nagu ka varasemalt on esindatud rohkelt arvamusliidreid ja huvitavaid esinejaid. 

3.-4. märtsil toimuvad informatiivsed ning kaasahaaravad seminarid, mis on korraldatud messil osalevate ettevõtete poolt. 

Leia tänu karjääriüritusele enda uus töö- või praktikakoht just Eesti suurimate ettevõtete ridades!

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Tutvu tööandjatega

Siin saalis on sul võimalus tutvuda kõikide tööandjatega, kes on Võti Tulevikku ürituse raames omale hetkel värsket tööjõudu otsimas. Lisaks tööpakkumistele on võimalik tutvuda ka tööandjate praktikavõimalustega. Olles suhelnud paljude tööandjatega võime saladuskatte all öelda, et paljud tööandjad on valmis peale tulemusliku praktika läbimist üliõpilastega ka töösuhte looma! Mis oleks...

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