• What is the target audience?

What is the target audience?

Target audience (TA) is a group of users (possible future customers) to which the company's marketing activity is directed. Advertisers, business, politicians are interested in the target audience. In other words, in order for the marketing message to accurately reach the addressee, you need to clearly know to whom you are sending it.

How to determine your target audience?

The target audience can be conditionally divided into several types and also classified in different ways. Here are two main classifications of target audience: direct and indirect, as well as wide and narrow.

In the first case, we are most interested in the direct target audience - these are the people who want to buy something and will make a choice.

Let's look at the second classification as follows: people who want to buy a car (any) are a wide target audience. People who want to buy a Mercedes C-Class are narrow. The more you know about the target audience, the narrower it is, but the more effective your conversion into successful purchases of the company's product will be.

TA portraits

You can start defining your target audience with social media surveys, conversations with clients you already have about their preferences and positive decision factors for your company, however, as a rule, experienced businessmen already have a general picture - now it needs to be supplemented and painted in detail. For this purpose, portraits of the target audience are needed.

Create a few detailed portraits of people who will be interested in your product. Who are they, how old are they, where do they live and how do they work? What hobbies do they have? How much free time and what income? The more small details, the better. Firstly, it will help you in marketing, and secondly, it will give you an understanding of who exactly you want to sell your product to.

This will be a good basis for future advertising, identifying customer pain points and working with emotional triggers in marketing.

Competitor audience analysis

But that's not all. You need to carefully analyze the work of your competitors and their offers. Look at their promotions, discounts, product groups, advertising. Who are they offering the product to? Write down the best offers of competitors, and complement the portrait of your target audience with them. Think about which of the characters you compiled, the competitor's ad would work best, and take it into service. It is best to save such data in the form of a table where nothing is lost and which is convenient to share with colleagues.

What is target audience analysis for?

Why can't we run ads and sell products without researching the target audience? There are two main answers: to save budgets and for business efficiency.

Audience analysis is your eye in the world of marketing and advertising. You should see people who may be interested in your offer, and this can only be done with a detailed analysis of the company's target audience.

Savings in advertising budgets are also huge - if a company creates creative advertising without analysis results, then the budget will be wasted, because those who might be interested in advertising simply do not they will see, or they will see something that will not hook them.


Analysis of the target audience is one of the most important things in business marketing, and the more thoroughly it is carried out, the more effective and cost-effective your advertising will be. Analyze the target audience, use various methods and tools, increase your sales!

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