Large Demolition
Large buildings - factories, warehouses, apartment high - demolition involves powerful technical units, skilled manpower and technology combination. Here intertwines large volume of waste processing, heightened risks to safety, logistics management, and tight work schedule. Crusher Ltd owns these demands with the corresponding fleet, over the years, and experienced workforce readiness.

Small buildings and constructions demolition
A small building (houses, outhouses, 1- and -2-storey commercial buildings, etc.) does not require the dismantling of the construction, although excessively powerful machines, but the technologies and techniques suitable for the combination are present here also important.
If the ambient conditions do not allow the demolition exercise roomikekskavaatoritega, Ltd. is crushed prepared to carry out a wheel bases of construction machinery.

Interior demolition
Crusher Ltd. carries out its own work section interior demolition as a preparatory step in the framework of full demolition.
Renovated buildings are siselammutus separate sections, which is removed, for example:

  • unnecessary partitions,
  • worn finishing materials,
  • depreciated communications (cables, pipes, heating systems)
  • replacing outgoing doors and windows.

Asbestos work
Asbestos is a building material, in which the dangers of contact with people both in Estonia than in many other developing countries underestimated. Until the 1980s, asbestos-containing materials were quite popular, which is why there is a need to work with asbestos demolition of many buildings. Ltd. Crusher incorporates objects through its appropriate training and equipment partners.


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