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MaiWistik is a natural cosmetics brand. Made from hand-picked Estonian herbs that are specially ideal for Nordic skin to maintain youthfulness. MaiWistik is a combination of naturopathy, yoga and face yoga.

We guarantee a balance through a holistic approach focusing on plant wisdom.

We want you to be able to support yourself until old age.

MaiWistik is designed to help you take control of your radiance and well-being from what you eat and how you take care of your body. The basis of our collection is ancient plant wisdom, which has been enchanted to the products by Estonian naturopath Mai-Liis Kivistik. These are handmade products and we pay special attention, tenderness and care to each of them.

Estonians are a witch nation precisely because of their ability to know the plant world. Medicinal plants have been growing with us for centuries, and even a 100 years ago every Estonian knew so much about medicinal plants. In general, we have reached to a moment when we don't even dare to go to pick blueberres anymore, because maybe there is a wrong plant that gets in to our mouths.

The compositions of our natural cosmetics are natural and come directly from nature. Does not contain chemical additives and supports the skin's natural glow. We should only put on the skin, which we would be happy to put in our mouth, because everything that comes in contact with the skin is absorbed very quickly into our bloodstream.

The whole being is important - you have to take responsibility for all your well-being by going back to nature.




How to train your face to look younger for longer?

There are more than 50 different muscles on our face, the inactivity of which makes our skin look loose. By training these muscles, your face will become more beautiful and smooth. Facial yoga includes exercises for the entire face-you can reduce wrinkles around your eyes and lips, and even avoid double chins and frown lines, which are usually among the first to appear.

By practicing facial yoga regularly for 6 months or more, you'll see your face tighten completely, reduce expression lines, reduce bags under your eyes, and wrinkles can be reduced by 80%. A significant change in overall skin elasticity and firmness.

You can take a class from Friday's online seminar:

  • Understanding why facial yoga is important;
  • Understand how your habits cause facial wrinkles:
  • Knowing how to take care of your face:
  • At least 5 exercises you can start practicing right now.

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