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Respo offers a wide selection of different box trailers, mini-caravans, mobile facilities, vans, platforms, trailers for the transportation of boats, water scooters, small speedboats, horses, dogs, snowmobiles, snow blowers, cars, etc.

Taking into account the varying needs of different clients we offer a large variety of accessories, starting from tool boxes, board extensions, ground supports, jockey wheels to electrical winches, tents and covers.

Since Respo is known for producing durable and long lasting trailers, we make sure that all of our spare parts and accessories are of the highest quality as well.




Mini caravans

A compact camping trailer with an innovative „squaredrop“ shape and smart features for a new generation of camping enthusiast. Stable and aerodynamic, they can be towed by virtually any kind of vehicle from a small hatchback to a van. The Mini-caravan will allow you to fulfill the dream of independence and comfort. Easy to connect to the car and spontaneously embark on a journey. A variety of options help the customer purchase not just a trailer but a home with a window to the world.

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Inline trailers

These trailers are specifically designed for transporting snow mobiles, ATV-s and other smaller vehicles. The fenders are placed below the box and covered with a layer of durable plastic. Lower boards give you easy access to the vehicles while it’s loaded. Outstanding handling and longevity is achieved thanks to 4 sheet leaf springs, shock absorbers, waterproof wheel hubs and balanced M+S wheels. All of this is supported by the extremely tough and durable HDG coated welded steel frame.

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Mobile offices/facilities

Extremely versatile and multifunctional weatherproof mobile facilities, known by many as “Mobile offices”. Thanks to innovative improvements in modelling and production the facilities are exceptionally durable and have a well-polished and solid design. Made by using high quality, exceptionally resilient HuckLok® bolt joints and Magnelis® coated sheet metal. The reliable torsion axle, together with waterproof wheel hubs, balanced wheels gives the trailer better longevity. Wide selection of accessories.

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Box trailers

Respo box trailers have a significantly high loading capacity. The boards and fenders are made from Magnelis® coated sheet metal, which is up to 3 times more corrosion resistant that regular HDG coated sheet metal. Outstanding handling and longevity is achieved thanks to 4 sheet leaf springs, shock absorbers, waterproof wheel hubs and balanced wheels. The durable plywood floor is not only waterproof but is also covered with a slip resistant surface layer. Best described as a user-friendly trailer of higher quality.

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