HomeExpo 2018

HomeExpo 2018 is an international online exhibition organized by OnlineExpo and again taking place in a virtual Expo hall. No more standing in long queues, getting lost in crowded spots or missing out on interesting things!

HomeExpo 2018 can be divided into four seasons- every season has its' own characteristics and constantly updated exhibits. We welcome all companies who are into creating and promoting smart technological solutions, supplying and installing new ecological building materials. Also companies that deal with creating and promoting smart technologies, supplying or deploying new or ecological building materials as well as those providing other relevant services such as financing, insurance, property management and purchasing-related activities.
In cooperation with different exponents we are able to offer our visitors a lot of interesting information about smart home solutions, ecological sustainability as well as multifunctional design and architecture.

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Easy to visit

Access is internationally guaranteed 24/7 from whatever location.
No more time consuming transportation or parking fees. There are no queues at the entrance or at the most interesting stands. The Expo can be visited as many times as You wish giving You all the time You need to find out all about the stands and offers that interest You.
Stands focused on the Expo theme help visitors to remember the companies and...



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