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We are open, simple and caring towards our clients, employees and society at large and we welcome people who share the same values. In Swedbank we respect differences and have a culture of appreciating diversity. We also offer internal career possibilities, work in an international workplace and are flexible in working time, work place and ways of working. This helps you keep balance between work and private life. We care about your your well-being and help you maintain it by means of various activities like health checks, sporting opportunities, additional leave, support during events in private life etc. We work on solutions used by millions of customers. 

In addition, we closely cooperate with universities to prepare students and employees for future competencies and care about society by supporting and encouraging charity culture, financial and digital literacy etc. We wish to see people developing and growing together with Swedbank, which is why it is important for us to contribute to development of internal and external succession. 

We welcome both students and professionals, who wish to turn a new page in their career to our traineeship programs. It doesn’t matter whether you have background in economics, IT, law, marketing, mathematics or some other field - we believe we can find challenges for everyone.

Kick start your career traineeship program 

Data & Analytics traineeship program 




Kuidas nii oma rahaasjades kui ka ettevõttena toimetada jätkusuutlikult?

Kick start your career traineeship program

We welcome everybody to our Kick start your career traineeship program. It doesn’t matter are you studying in university or just wish to make a career change and whether you have background in economics, IT, marketing, mathematics or some other field - we believe we can find challenges for everyone.
As a trainee in Swedbank

  • You will work on real tasks and projects in close cooperation with our experts influencing millions of people’s lives.
  •  You have exciting seminars, workshops, networking and other events.
  • You have a possibility to continue your career at Swedbank.
  • Starting positions at Swedbank are paid.


Get acquainted with some of our last year’s trainees


Software engineering trainee
Communication trainee
Finance area trainee
Advisor trainee
Credit management trainee


About Swedbank

Swedbank is the largest bank in Estonia as it has more than 900,000 private and 130,000 business customers. We offer a wide selection of financial services and our goal is to help people and companies keep their finances in order over the long term. We follow three guiding values in all our activities: we are simple, open, and caring.
At the same time, we aim to support the growth and development of local people, companies and society. By addressing environmental and social risks in our business we contribute to more sustainable companies and communities. Our sustainability strategy is based on integrating sustainability in our core processes. We focus on investing in educational, entrepreneurial and innovation initiatives.
One of our main principles is also valuing our employees, because everybody needs to feel safe, recognized, included and cared for at work. That is why respecting differences and having a culture of appreciating diversity is so important to us. We also put focus on enabling flexibility for work time and place and supporting our employees in their career paths and professional development.

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