Respublic of Estonia Road Administration

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The Estonian Road Administration (ERA) is a government agency with a controlling function operating within the administrative area of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. ERA carries out state supervision, applies the enforcement powers of the state and provides public services on the grounds and to the extent established by law.

The main functions of ERA:

  • Road management and creating conditions for safe traffic on national roads.
  • Increasing road safety and reducing the harmful environmental impact of vehicles.
  • Managing road traffic and public transport.
  • Conducting state supervision over compliance with the requirements established by legislation regulating the ERA’s operating area; applying the enforcement powers of the state.
  • Keeping the national register of roads, the traffic registry, the national public transport register and the fixed automatic speed measuring system.
  • Participating in the development of the legislation that regulates the ERA’s operating area and making recommendations for amending legislation; participating in the structuring process of the terminology connected with the ERA’s operating area.
  • Participating in the development of policies, strategies and development plans connected to the ERA’s area of operation; participating in the preparation and implementation of international projects in the ERA’s area of operation.
  • Implementing national policies and development plans in the ERA’s area of operation.

The main functions of ERA are split between activities concerning construction, maintenance, traffic and road registers, and managed by Deputy Director Generals and Heads of departments. The ERA’s main functions are supplemented by support activities.






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