Plus Plus

Plus Plus constructor it’s a simplistic shape and endless possibility!
Plus-Plus® is a Danish toy manufacturer. Production of the original and creative toys takes place near Copenhagen. Danish design in essence. Plus-Plus® develops the imagination and creativity of children and appeals evenly to boys and girls. Once Plus-Plus® has been tried out it becomes a kid´s favourite. Many hours of intensive play for sure.


Snails is the world’s first 100% European made water soluble nail polish that is easily washable and made especially for little glamour girls — with no harmful chemicals or toxic substances. Formula consists from three main ingredients: water, acrylic polymer and non-toxic colorants. Every Snails kids polish is kind to both environment and children’s nails. Lovely lead-free packaging in pure Italian glass bottles custom designed for kids. Your glamour girls can go green while choosing exciting shades. French-made nail polish is manufactured in Greece.
The assortment is wide: nail polishes, body, hair and nails glitter, hair chalk, nails stickers, body tattoos, lip glosses and etc.


Lottie doll was created following 18 months of research under discussion with retailers, industry experts, child psychologists, nutrition experts, parents and – most importantly – to kids. Lottie dolls look like kids. Their bodies are based on the proportions of a 9-year-old child. They are dressed comfortably in clothes that are made from colourful and tactile fabrics. They have play-sets that encourage outdoor play, from fishing to body-boarding to fossil-hunting. Lottie can literally stand on her own two feet, no make-up Jewellery or high heels here. Lottie is all about retaining childhood in all its facets. Lottie wishes to “let kids be kids” without limitation. Indirectly she addresses key issues that affect kid’s development such as: body image, bullying, obesity, gender equality, girls and STEM, leadership, education for all, child poverty, premature sexualisation, guns and violence.

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