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“Step into the unknown!”

Many of you managed to visit various parts of the world. Most likely, a beach holiday will no longer surprise you. Traveling ceases to be a fascinating adventure, but becomes predictable. And if the soul is drawn to the unknown? If you want discoveries and accomplishments?

Especially for the most sophisticated tourists, we offer our program “Step into the unknown!”. You will get not just an unforgettable vacation, but a real reboot from the daily routine and fuss.




Over the abyss around Dhaulagiri

The dreams of our customers constantly inspire us to new achievements!

You just imagine: relaxing in the mountains, walking, fresh air and merging with nature!

This is one of the key sections of the route around Dhaulagiri. A new path was recently cut high above the canyon on the right orographic bank of the Magdi-Cola River, originating from the eight-thousand-meter glaciers. Down from under the feet goes almost five hundred meter vertical cliff. But the regiment is wide enough, and in good weather there is no one here.

If you would like something special

Of course, our journey is not for everyone. We are glad to see in our team those who are ready to go all the way and not give up. Our journey is suitable for the winners of the Spirit

Team of the strongest

Among our guests every year there are famous and famous people. all of us from time to time want to escape from the hustle and bustle of social networks and media to a world where only your strengths and desires matter.

Those who rest together remain friends for many years.

It's true. In our travels, over 500 friends found each other and more than 20 married couples were formed.

Being together all day, coming to the rescue in a difficult moment, supporting with advice or with a joke - all this brings our teams together.

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About us

  • For more than 20 years we have been creating and traveling in the most remarkable mountainous regions of the planet.
  • Today we are ready to offer 60 routes in 36 countries of the world.
  • For all the time we have developed our own quality standards for travel programs.
  • Our main principle: it is not so important where to travel, how important is HOW to travel.
  • Over 26 years of work, we were able to organize 257 successful ascents and 324 trekking tours in 51 regions of the Earth.

Why us?

  • Individual pick up the route.
  • We will give the opportunity to plunge headlong into adventure and extreme sports.
  • We will provide our customers with maximum comfort and safety.
  • We travel in small groups.
  • We will advise and select a trip, also help prepare for the trip.
  • Reliable partners and experienced tour leaders.


Video content

We try to capture the most interesting and exciting moments of our travels on video in order to come back again and again mentally to these places and get a surge of strength and energy.

We create professional photo and video clips, assemble them and transfer a real film to each member of our team.

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