All workshops offered are for all those who wish to participate and are free of charge! In the e-workshop, you can analyze your strengths and skills, your knowledge of learning opportunities, the changing world of work, and more. In e-workshops, you do practical exercises and participate in discussions. You can also hear the experiences and stories of others.

Practical information

All work rooms are conducted in a Microsoft Teams environment and joining is convenient and easy. In average they last 90 minutes and you can get involved actively there. To participate in workshops, you must register and we will send you an online link by e-mail to join.

NB! Worskhops are only in estonian or in russian, so to see selection of them, please select language of your intrest. 




How to join a workshop

Microsoft Teams is an app where you can meet others in a virtual space. There you can communicate with each other in the chat window, share your camera image and audio, and see and hear others in the room.

It is an environment that is free and simple. Career specialists will introduce you to teams' opportunities at the beginning of the service.

If you want to download the app, you can do it for free here.

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