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10:00 - 10:05
Duration: 5 min
Kristjan Pihl- moderator
10:05 - 10:10
Opening words of Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund's chairman of the board
Duration: 5 min
Meelis Paavel
10:10 - 10:45
My new job- where can I find it?
Duration: 35 min
Juta Palmeri- Fontese Principal Consultant

Juta is a coach, supervisor, trainer, consultant. She graduated from the University of Tartu in Social Work (BA) and Business Administration (MBA). She is a trained coach and supervisor at ISCI( Prior to joining Fontes, she managed HR in Swedbank's IT unit in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden. Juta's current main areas of expertise are career coaching, executive coaching, team analysis and coaching or supervising teams. In addition, training for new managers and training on effective leadership (feedback, conversations). In addition, she leads on well-being issues in Fontes (training of well-being ambassadors, individual and group counselling).

11:00 - 11:45
Employer or employee- who has the stronger side when arranging the employment contract?
Duration: 45 min
Ene Olle- Tööinspektsiooni nõustamisjurist

Ene is an advisory lawyer to the Labour Inspectorate, has extensive experience in human resources management, is editor-in-chief of the magazine Personali Praktik and has been the CEO of PARE.

Sirle Blumberg- Head of the Support Service for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings of the Social Insurance Board

Sirle Blumberg has been working for just over three years in the Victim Support Department of the Social Insurance Board as a support service manager for victims of trafficking. However, her experience in this field dates back to 2004, when we launched the Trafficking Prevention and Victim Support Helpline +372 6607320, which has provided advice to thousands of people.

Sven Enok- Chief Tax Auditor of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board
12:00 - 12:45
Going from a temporary job to a permanent contract
Duration: 45 min
Kristjan Peäske- Member of the Board of the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association, Member of the Board and owner of Restaurant Lee and Lore Bistroo

Kristjan Peäske is the owner of Lee Restaurant and Lore Bistro. As an entrepreneur, Kristjan has a holistic view of sustainability that links the team, the environment and the local community.

Killu Maidla- CEO of the Estonian Hotels and Restaurants Association

Killu Maidla is a hotel industry practitioner through and through. She has grown through various positions to become a hotel manager, under whose leadership My City Hotel **** in Tallinn Old Town was given a new lease of life and who helped to create the innovative and unique concept of the Hektor Container Hotel in Tallinn's Telliskivi quarter. Since last spring, he has been leading the work of the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association as CEO.

Livia Laas- Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund Employer Service Manager

Livia started working for the Unemployment Fund as a temporary adviser. Today, 12 years later, she has worked in several positions within the organisation and now contributes to labour market issues as an employers's service manager. In addition to her work at the Unemployment Fund, she contributes as a volunteer crisis counsellor at Tallinn Children's Hospital and trains experience counsellors, and believes that many temporary things are the ones that remain the most permanent.

13:00 - 13:45
Studying or work- what choice to make?
Duration: 45 min
Lemme-Getter Metsala- Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund Employer Consultant and Career Counsellor

Lemme-Getter has been advising people in the Unemployment Fund for the last 7 years in 4 different positions. She has previously worked as an editor for television, radio and as a reporter for various publications. She is also a member of the Estonian Authors' Association and in her spare time she is active in music. A wanderer at heart, looking for new challenges.

14:00 - 14:45
Why do you have to balance your work and private life?
Duration: 45 min
Küllike Oja- Supervisor, coach and career counsellor

Küllike is a career trailblazer in her professional life, who has moved from data and numbers to working with people through her studies. This is what she loves today, what she works for, what inspires. Küllike believes that what grows is what we pay attention to, that no one is alone and solutions can always be found. She uses a variety of creative methods in her counselling, a systemic and solution-focused approach, but considers the relationship and dialogue and the integrity of the person to be the most important.

Laine Randjärv- personal development coach

Laine Randjärv works as a personal development coach, team trainer and management consultant using creative methods. She has more than 20 years of leadership experience in teams from a wide range of backgrounds in both the cultural and political sectors.

The ups and downs of the "American mountain" style, the dizzying successes and setbacks, the search for seemingly impossible solutions, the balancing act in difficult negotiations and the life lessons learned allow me to be a development coach for people from very different walks of life. Laine believes in lifelong learning, and is available to help anyone who wants to discover and develop the potential for personal growth.


See here for a career seminar in autumn 2021.

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