Paid work is not the only way to gain experience that counts on the job market and when applying to school. Voluntary work and traineeships also provides such experience. Here you can find offers from different organisations, in different fields, where you can volunteer or participate in a traineeship. To find out more, feel free to chat, email or call the employers who have caught your eye to find out what kind of voluntary work or inteernship they offer, when and where.

Volunteering volunteering is the giving of your time, energy or skills for free and without reward. Volunteers help others or work primarily for the public good and for the benefit of society. Volunteering provides new insights, helps people to know themselves better and to understand their own interests. In addition, you can meet new people and practice working together. Volunteering can help you find an activity you really enjoy.

Volunteering has three important characteristics:

  1. volunteering is voluntary, not compulsory or forced
  2. volunteers do not receive any financial or material reward, although they may receive many benefits, such as useful knowledge and skills or new contacts
  3. volunteers act outside their own home and family, for the benefit of someone else or for the benefit of society at large

Volunteers make a difference to the world through their small and large acts of kindness. More importantly, they change the world they live in. Volunteering offers positive emotions, a break from the daily routine, a chance to develop oneself and broaden one's world view.


Traineeships are part of the curriculum and give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes you have acquired during your theoretical studies in a real work environment. Traineeships are supervised by a supervisor and have specific objectives and tasks (

The aim of a work placement is to provide the practical work experience needed to find a job and to develop the professional knowledge and skills needed to get a job with an employer (

Traineeships play a key role in preparing future professionals for their future jobs and the labour market. During the traineeship, the learner develops his or her practical general professional competences.

NOTE: If you are doing a traineeship as part of your studies, you should discuss the placement with your school. If you are registered as unemployed, discuss the placement with your adviser.

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