Järva County Vocational Training Centre

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If you've just finished or are about to finish basic school and want to get a secondary education in addition to your speciality, find your speciality here:
IT systems junior specialist
Transport logistics
Logistics - Logistics - Logistics - Cleaning and housekeeping
Logistics, cleaning, cleaning and sanitation
Stone and concrete construction worker
Domestic electrician
Building finisher
Road builder
Agricultural worker
Horse handler

If you are only interested in a specialisation, a brief overview of these programmes can be found on our website at Vocational training (both basic and secondary education, as well as no basic education required).

We also offer many specialisations On-the-job training.

We also try to find a solution For learners with special educational needs.

In addition to initial training, we offer a wide range of continuing training courses.
Free National Training Orders (NTOs) are available on the school's website HERE.
An overview of the free PRIA training courses can be found HERE.
Paid and on-demand training can be found HERE.




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