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HomeExpo 2018
Avaaminen: 2. huhtikuuta

HomeExpo 2018

Kotimessut 2018






Info and registration

HomeExpo 2018

Exponent Info

HomeExpo 2018 is an international online exhibition organized by OnlineExpo and again taking place in a virtual Expo hall. No more standing in long queues, getting lost in crowded spots or missing out on interesting things!

HomeExpo 2018 can be divided into four seasons and into four advertising campaign- every season has its' own...



Real Estate Hall

If you are looking for a new home or want to sell existing one, here you can find the best information regarding new developments and real estate.

1Partner Kinnisvara

1Partner Kinnisvara Real Estate was founded in 2004 and provides an integrated real estate service. Our experienced consultants offer the following services to private and business customers:

  • Agency – We will help you sell or rent your property profitably and will also find you sites for rental or purchase. We know efficient marketing...
Interior Hall

In this hall you can find an overview of new materials, ideas for home decoration and design, textiles, lighting and furniture manufacturing companies as well as tips on cleaning, re-use and making your home more comfortable.

If you are thinking of updating your interior design, here is the place to get inspired.


Traageldaja OÜ was established in 1994 by an Estonian company. We have long experience in sewing curtains, mattress covers, bed linen, bedspreads, tablecloths and other interior textiles. We have manufactured products for hotels, restaurants, ships, caterers and designers in Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

Our production is located in Türi...

Smart Home Hall

If you want to manage your home in an economical way, get an overview of sustainable energy and heating solutions, smart interaction and security technologies and financing options, you are welcome to visit this hall.

Smart home consists of complete and well-planned solutions rather than a stack of different gadgets. Control system of smart home is programmed with different functions to make life easier and more comfortable, perform important tasks and solve different problems - from energy saving to the humidity or regulation of light.

Uretek Baltic | Foundation Renovations

Uretek stabilises buildings and re-levels them quickly and cost-effectively and disturbing residents as little as possible.

Uretek's technology reinforces the weak surface under pads and raft foundations. We can also raise foundations if needed. Once the ground's strength has improved, we carry out injections to fill wall cracks and make sure...

Building Hall

Here you can find different projects for building houses, apartments or summer cottages, renovation, help with estate management and maintenance.

Talot AS

AS Talot on 25 aasta pikkuse kogemusega ehitusmaterjalitootja, kes pakub teile parimat valikut betoontooteid - nii kaubabetooni, seinaelemente, vahelaepaneele, erinevaid betoonblokke ja tänavakive. Seda nii väikeelamute kui ka suurte tootmishoonete ehitajatele.

Meie tooted on kvaliteetsed, tarnime need õigel ajal ja soodsa hinnaga. Oleme...

Kids and Family Hall

The family is the greatest asset and treasure for everyone. Family is the strongest fortress where we can receive help and support in the event of storms and difficulties in life. Home and Family Hall brings together all those who want and be able to make life easier with their products and services. There are companies that deal with various developing toys, oral hygiene, allergies and other services related to the simplification of everyday life of family members.

Come and discover interesting people and high-quality services right here!

Home Electronics Hall
Gardening Hall

The groomed and planned garden is the crown of every home. If a trip to paradise is not affordible on a daily basis, then You should bring the paradise to your home. A great way to do this is to create a quiet and peaceful garden, where you can enjoy peace and quiet everyday.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that well-designed solutions and a well-planned courtyard keeps and also increases the value of every real estate. Have you ever noticed that you envy your neighbours cared and planned garden and start to crave paradise for yourself also? If so, we reccommend to vist the companies in the Horticultural Hall. Here we have gathered companies that can give you advice and support to help you create your own personal paradise.


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