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We offer a selection of inspiring and unique wallpaper from Scandinavian and European manufacturers that is constantly being updated. Our range of textures, colours, patterns and designs will satisfy any taste! Click below to find out more (in Estonian).

Advantages of Wallpaper

Wallpapered walls create a warm and cosy atmosphere, even compared to a painted wall of the same colour.

Contemporary wallpaper is very durable and it is much easier to clean surfaces covered with high-quality wallpaper than those covered with matte paint. Glossy painted surfaces can be easily cleaned, but how often do people have glossy walls at home?

Wallpaper also easily covers all kinds of bumps, cracks and other visual defects that cannot be hidden under a coat of paint.


Wallpaper boasting an eye-catching pattern can be used one or two sheets at a time. You can also affix these sheets horizontally.

A particularly interesting approach is to affix a couple of sheets onto the walls vertically and then allowing them to run across the ceiling to the opposite wall and down from there. This creates the effect of two separate rooms.

Another place where interesting patterns and effects can be tested is a wall next to stairs, which usually extends through two storeys. Such high surfaces can be used to create spectacular, eye-catching surfaces.

Stripes are very effective in visually changing the look of a room. Long and narrow rooms becomes even longer if their walls are covered with wallpaper that has horizontal lines. In such rooms it would perhaps be better to use vertical lines. The same applies to rooms with low ceilings.


Patterns are IN! There is no right or wrong. Be original. Right now there are more options than ever.

Small patterns may seem large enough on a small piece, but when on a wall and looked at from a distance they may go unnoticed or even disappear completely. On the other hand, large patterns can turn out to be too dominating. When you choose your wallpaper, try to imagine how it will look like in your home. We recommend that you look at the wallpaper sample from a couple of steps away. In order to make the selection process easier, you can borrow a wallpaper catalogue or a sample roll from our store.

Scandinavian home furnishing companies are known for their preference for calm tones and patterns, but nowadays more and more people are exchanging this minimalist style for a more lavish one, using patterns on not just one, but two, three or all of their walls. This is actually not that sensational, as trends come and go. Fortunately, the current trend encourages people to express their personality in a more powerful way.

Color Shades

It should be borne in mind that the colour of a wall can seem to be a different shade depending on the colour of nearby surfaces and the room's lighting. The larger the wallpapered surface, the more intense it will look.

Colours affect us in many ways, and everyone has their preferences. Many people like blue, but probably not if used on every available possible. Blue jeans and a blue wall are two different things, and affect us in different ways.

Combining several colours can produce unexpected results. For instance, off-white baseboards can seem grey when combined with a bright yellow wall, pink with a green wall, yellow with a grey wall or pure white with a dark red wall.

Colours can be divided into cold and warm tones. Scandinavian home furnishing companies consider yellow, brown and red tones warm and blue and blue-green tones cold. It is also believed that colours can affect our mood.

For instance, red tones and patterns make people more active; green is calming; and using blue in a bedroom creates a feeling of crisp freshness.

Tests have also proven that no matter what the colour of a wall, we sense the passing of time in the same way. We also feel cold and warm in the same way in red and blue rooms.

Also, an abundance of colours in the same room can make some people feel invigorated and refreshed, while it leaves others feeling stressed.


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