Tartu & Tartu County

The oldest city in Estonia, Tartu combines successfully modern infrastructure and facilities with green and friendly environment: the city is very compact and easily accessible. A serene park with medieval ruins and a river running through the city give it a romantic appeal. Part of its appeal is the way Tartu successfully blends old and new. Walking through the city, one can literally touch its history, at the same time feeling a renewed energy and curiosity about what the future will bring. The balance between past and future is an essential part of the celebrated spirit of Tartu.

At every corner in Tartu, there are concert venues, exibithion halls, theatres,churches, museums and charming little cafes as well as various pubs and restaurants. An inseparable part of the city is its students, who comprise around a quarter of the population and generate a lot of fun and energy. There is a lively cultural scene with something for every taste. Exciting events and festivals take place all year round.




Helsinki - Tartu - Helsinki regular flights are succesful!

Tartu Airport had a successful year in 2015, there was reached an all-time second result in the number of passengers - total pro year - 21,117 passengers. 20,708 of these passengers flew on regular flights on Helsinki - Tartu - Helsinki route. Compared to last year, the 2014, the growth of passenger numbers is 47.4%.

Flights of Finnair Helsinki-Tartu-Helsinki take place seven days a week. Flight time is 50 minutes. Tickets for the flights leaving from Tartu Airport can be bought only on the Finnair website and in travel agencies.
Additional information: www.tartu-airport.ee, www.finnair.com.

Airport Shuttle

A 19-seater minibus is available to serve all those who wish to travel from Ülenurme (Tartu Airport) to your desired place in Tartu. The bus from the airport to Tartu departs about 20 minutes after the plane's landing, but waits for all those coming from the plane and wishing to board it. It is also possible to preorder a ride from your location in Tartu to the airport. Residents of Tartu can also use the Airport Shuttle service to travel from an indicated address to Tallinn Airport (or vice-versa). Submit your order by telephone +372 505 4342 or online www.tartaline.ee at least 12 hours before departure of the plane. A bus ticket costs 5 euros; small children travel free. It is possible to pay for the ticket both in cash and with a bank card.

How to get to Tartu

You can travel to Tartu from many different locations - one of Scandinavian's biggest airlines - Finnair offers now via Helsinki hub transfer flights to more than 70 destinations, on four continents. There are international bus connections with Riga, St Petersburg and Pechory. Between Estonian largest towns there are opportunities to take a train or bus to travel fast and comfortable. If you are already here you can walk in the city centre or use our new public transportation service, rent a bicycle, car or just take a taxi. More information about transport opportunities you can find HERE.

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