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Nordea Operations Centre Estonia is a part of the Nordea Group, the leading financial institution in Nordic countries. We were established in January 2016 with the purpose of performing services for the Nordic business areas in Nordea, especially in the languages they speak. Our role includes process support, call centre services development and continuous improvement of business methods in order to provide services of the highest quality.
In Nordea Operations Centre we service Nordea business units. We provide the highest quality in the servicing of internal processes. We also enable the functioning of our operations centre at the highest level. Find out what we exactly do in Nordea Operations Centre.
We support Nordea on following: Customer Support 24/7 for Finnish market and as back-office side we support on Housing Loans, Corporate Loans, Estates & Authorities, Factoring and Financial Plan. We provide our service in Finnish, Swedish and English.
We offer great working environment in the city center of Tallinn with job tasks which are really important for Nordea customer experience. We offer sport benefit, insurance and also other health related benefits. And most important we offer you opportunity to work in multinational wonderful team.




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