Tehtud tööd

Allpool on toodud Mapri Ehituse viimaste aastate silmapaistvamad tööd

Hetkel töös olevatest projektidest üks põnevaimad oma keerukate tehnosüsteemide poolest on Selveri Kulinaaria tootmishoone ehitus (uus+renoveeritav osa kokku 8 000 m2). Kindlasti tasuvad märkimist veel ka bürookompleks Tallinnas Kalasadamas, korterelamute arendus Tartus Eesti Rahva Muusemi vahetus läheduses ning kaks äri- ja eluhoonet Pärnu kesklinnas. Galeriist leiate pilte hetkel tööd olevatest projektidest.




Balti Jaama turg

Aasta: 2017

Suurus: 25 000 m2

Koduleht: https://en.astri.ee/bjt/


Pipedrive'i maja

WoHo kvartalis asuv Pipedrive'i maja

Aasta: 2018

Suurus: 12 000 m2

Koduleht: http://woho.ee/

Skyline korterelamud

Aasta: 2018

Suurus: 15 000 m2

Koduleht: https://skyline.ee/

Otepää keskväljak

Aasta: 2019

Gardest aianduskeskus

Aasta: 2018

Suurus: 6 000 m2

Hetkel töös

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Conference Day

BuildIT 2020 is happening for the 7th time and is a yearly international event which involves conference and competition days.

The topic for conference day is “Future of the city'' focusing on topics like transportation, construction and sustainability of the environment.

Lecturers are successful entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and public figures sharing their experience, knowledge and innovative future...

Competition Day

Competitions will be held for people to test their knowledge and participate in various workshops and competitions.

The competitions are open for everyone! Each competition requires different skills and a whole new mindset. There are no age restrictions.

Registration for participation in the competitions is MANDATORY! The rules and registration will be open soon. For more information follow our Facebook page


Our biggest asset is our backers. Without them BuildIT 2020 could not happen and you wouldn't be able to participate. We would like to thank everyone who is participating or helping in any other way. Thank you - our biggest supporter - that you're with us again this year. Some of our backers have interesting stories and offerings so go check them out.



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