The future of the market in automated trading

Leonid Nesterenko

Chairman of the Automated Trading Commission of Opora Russia

Topic: The future of the market in automated trading

About the trends of automated trading, who has the right to receive support from the state and what the future holds for the automated trading market in Russia. We will find out what steps have already been taken as part of Opora Russia's work in adopting bills and removing administrative barriers.

Compliance with the law on the use of cash registers

Julia Sidnenko

Deputy Head of the Operational Control Department of the FTS of Russia in St. Petersburg

Report topic: Compliance with the legislation on the use of cash registers by the organizations and entrepreneurs operating with automatic devices (vending)

We will learn about draft laws on application of cash registers, who is exempt from cash registers, what fiscal storage devices should be used, how to check cash registers and fiscal storage devices before buying them. We will also find out what an online cash register is and how it can be used in vending, how to use cash registers correctly and what the main violations are made by entrepreneurs.

Marketing in vending

Alexander Shulakov

Managing partner of the vending companies group under ASPvending brand

Presentation theme: Marketing in vending

Alexander will tell about the existing problems of vending companies in marketing. He will cover the brand development of the vending company and how to monetize the advertising content.

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Robotization of Fast Food. Secure Anti-Covid Café

Tatiana Mishina

Commercial Director of Blindoser Robot Cooking Project

Topic: Robotization of fast food. Safe Anti-Covid Café.

Tatyana will tell about her project, how the food industry has changed because of the coronavirus and about new key Foodtech solutions.

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New franchises per 1 sq.m.

Semyon Frolov

CEO of Pel-Meni project (the world's first pelmeni vending machines)

Topic: New franchises for 1 sq.m.

Semen will talk about new types of business, which can operate on 1 sq.m. He will tell about the advantages of vending pelmeni, coffee corners, smart refrigerators, ATMs and postal terminals.

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Entrepreneurship support opportunities from My Business Centre

Andrey Blinsky

Deputy Director for Organizational and Legal Issues, Nonprofit Organization "Fund for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in St. Petersburg

Topic: Opportunities for entrepreneurship support from "My Business" center

We will learn more about the platform "My Business" and ways to get support for any business activities. Today on the platform "My Business" entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get a range of different services: information, consulting, educational, promotion services, etc.

Green packaging for a sustainable future

Anastasia Gusakova

Business ecological consultant and eco-trainer

Presentation topic: Green packaging for a sustainable future

Anastasia will tell about usage of eco-friendly packaging, how to make vending eco-friendly and what materials to use for vending packaging to minimize negative impact on the environment.

Modern packaging for the vending business

Elena Grebennik

Head of external communications in OSQ Group

Presentation: Modern packaging for vending business

Modern packaging trends for vending machines. How to make packaging more attractive for consumers?

Advice on how to brand vending machines and packaging. How to apply the principles of storytelling for package branding.

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Advantages of ecological stirrers for vending and prospects for cooperation

Elena Berezina

Head of development of Talivenda

Presentation: Advantages of eco-friendly stirrers for vending and cooperation prospects

Talivenda is a producer of wooden stirrers from the ecologically clean region of Russia - Mari El Republic.

Talivenda has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality products: products are made of natural birch wood, do not have extraneous taste and smell and are carefully polished on the newest equipment to avoid burrs and chips.


Selecting a vending machine

Alexander Shulakov

Managing partner of the vending companies group under ASPvending brand

Presentation theme: Choosing of vending machine

Alexander gave advice on selection of vending machines. What should a beginning entrepreneur in vending be guided by?

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High-tech vending, ERP + Big Data

Edvard Ziyazetdinov

Co-founder and co-owner of HOHORO, a chain of self-service coffee shops

Presentation: High-tech vending, ERP + Big Data

About business migration to the digital environment, automation of all processes and how to manage business and sales from the phone.

On the company's own ERP system and successful IT solutions: application, sales management, and location analytics.


Scaling up the vending business in 2022

Ilnar Shamsutdinov

Director of Strategic Development, co-founder and co-owner of HOHORO coffee chain.

The theme of the report: Scaling of the vending business in 2022.

Plans of company development and scaling through the ecosystem. The realities of the vending business, NEW-SCHOOL vending and how to become a HOHORO partner


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