Work and Career fair, Autumn 2021

Exciting occupations and new ideas are waiting!

The all-Estonian virtual work and career fair is taking place for the third time!

On 28.09-01.10.2021, the third all-Estonian virtual work and career fair will be held, to which more than 170 employers and cooperation partners have registered.

NB! Already, you can sign up for career guidance, job interview simulations and various workshops. To sign up, select a topic that interests you from the top menu bar, and then find the right time for you.

Participation in the fair is free of charge.

Together we will change the world of work!






Career services at the fair

At the fair, we offer you different ways to make your career choices consciously and thoughtfully. Take a closer look at the video!

Orienteering game "Career Path"

Come and adventure with us!

Do you know where the various exciting institutions are located in the centre of your county? We have created a game where we have taken the virtual fair to the real world!  We drawn in lottery fashion instant camera and two sets of wireless headphones between the players. Choose the county where you want to play and go on an adventure. Or play in all counties. Just remember that the...

Discover yourself with artificial intelligence

What impression do you give at the job interview? Introducing you to a unique solution, artificial intelligence that gives you answers, all you have to do is record a video of yourself!

Find out which:

  • skills you know how to bring out about you;
  • words are better not to be used in an interview;
  • emotions can be read in your facial expression when you introduce yourself;
  • of your character traits are noticed by...

Expo Themes

Career topics

You feel like you're at the crossroads of your career choices? We're here for you to make confident career choices. There are no restrictions on the use of career services of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and they are free of charge for everyone. 

Here, however, you can get acquainted with various articles and videos on career issues that I hope will give you new ideas and ideas. You can also perform...

Career Seminar

A career seminar is held during work fair. The seminar is held on 28th and 29th of September and the presentations are done in Estonian and in Russian. If you would like to listen to career seminar, please switch the sites language either to Estonian or Russian.