Leibur AS

Leibur is Estonia's best-loved and oldest bakery. We have been producing bakery products for 258 years, which makes us the oldest bakery in Estonia. We consider it a matter of honour to pass on the local culture of baking bread from generation to generation. Leibur is part of the international Lantmännen Unibake group, which is part of the Swedish agricultural group Lantmännen. Our company's history goes back to the deepest roots in Estonia, but thanks to Lantmännen Unibake, we are one of Europe's leading bakers, operating in 24 countries. This gives us the opportunity to play a leading role in the baking industry - both in Estonia and abroad.


Leibur invites you to join its team



В your main responsibilities the job is to be involved in the production process and to ensure quality slicing and packaging of products to meet the production order.


You will be an excellent candidate, if:

  • you are conscientious in your duties, fast and accurate

  • you have good physical stamina


We offer:

  • on-site training and development

  • steady income and bonus

  • career development opportunities

  • family benefits

  • paid additional leave, sports allowance and other benefits for firm employees

Day and night shifts, Monday to Sunday working hours.


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