Our core value is people and keeping them safe. All people are equally valuable to us and welcome to work, we respect their differences. We believe that the success of a company largely depends on working people, and therefore we contribute to the motivation and development of our people. We offer all outcasts and active people the opportunity to work, eliminating discrimination and ensuring equal treatment.

We guarantee our employees safe working conditions and training opportunities according to their field of activity. We value teamwork by organizing annual team training days and joint events. In this way, we cultivate a sense of teamwork and work towards a common goal. We surprise our employees on birthdays and celebrate another year in our company.

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TP KINNISVARAHOOLDUS helps companies and property owners in organizing daily and emergency cleaning services and maintenance services.

Our clients are larger and smaller companies who want to preserve the surrounding environment and preserve and improve the value of their real estate. TP Services include one-time special works, daily cleaning services, as well as long-term projects.

We have been operating for more than 23 years - during this time we have gained valuable experience in cleaning offices, production premises, warehouses, restaurants, as well as medical institutions.


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