Gugguu originated from the problem of two sisters: the three mothers of both mothers had little chance of acquiring new clothes or trying to make use of the little ones left by another child. However, there were no clothes for their own style on the market, however, with the accurate eye of the parents' florist shop and its sister-in-hats for the color scheme. If a stylish garment was found, however, the design was usually unsuitable or could no longer be utilized later as the quality becomes a problem. Thus, there began to be a joke about setting up a brand.

Childhood education grew up with children's growth, but the problem was still the same, and no clothing was found for the siblings' style or their requirements. However, the problem had to be solved and so one of the other sisters seriously began to think about setting up their own brand.

Starting from the drawings of his own collection, the lecture booklets of the School of Economics began to be filled with notes rather than notes. After dozens of tiny handkerchiefs, sketches of the first collection started to be finished. Designing the design of clothes was carefully thought out, their style timeless, both playful and playful. The most important thing, however, was the pleasing part of the founders' eye.

It was a time to start a business, but it was not exciting for the girls in the family of entrepreneurs, but the motto was: "The worst thing to do is make sure the cabinets are full of children's stylish and high quality clothes." So there is no worse idea.




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